Activ SPA series is balanced water care developed especially for spa baths

There are high requirements for disinfection and maintenance of spa water and therefore also extra high requirements for water care products intended for spa baths.The high water temperature means that microorganisms and bacteria can thrive extremely well. And because the water is filtered and reused continuously, additional disinfection is needed.

As a spa owner, you must be sure that the hygiene is in order.Activ SPA is a product series specifically designed to give you the peace of mind.

Som ejer af et spabad skal du have sikkerhed for, at hygiejnen er i orden. Activ SPA er en produktserie udviklet specielt til at give dig den tryghed.

Det er ikke spor svært at sikre en høj vandkvalitet, blot du benytter de rette Activ SPA produkter på rette tid.


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5053 Test Set PH/Active Oxygen
Simple and effective test kit to determine the water’s current pH value and content of active oxygen..
5054 Test Set Refill Tablets
30 pcs. Red Phenol tablets and 30 pcs. DPD 4 tablets for refilling the Activ Pool Test Set PH/Active..
5201 Spa PH Down 1,5 kg
Spa pH DOWN lowers the Spa water's pH value in outdoor and indoor spa baths. Instructions for use: ..
5203 Alka Up 1 kg
In especially spa bath, the pH value can sometimes be difficult to keep on a stable level. When refi..
5204 Calcium Stabil 1 L
Liquid hardness stabilizer that prevents calcium precipitation and calcium deposits in the spa water..
5206 SPA Klor 1 kg
Spa chlorine granules 56% are used for efficient disinfection of the bath water in indoor and outdoo..
5208 OxyChock 1 kg
Spa OxyChock is used for efficient chlorine-free shock disinfection of bath water in indoor and outd..
5210 Filter Cleaner 1 L
Activ SPA Filter Cleaner is used for cleaning filters in outdoor hot tubs. A spa filter effectively ..
5211 Pipe Cleaner 1 L
For cleaning pipe systems in spa bath. Inside the tubes, deposits of body fat and dead skin cells ar..
5212 Foam Down 1 L
In the spa, unwanted foam can sometimes be formed on the water surface. The foam normally comes from..
5213  Activ Spa Tab 5 1 kg
Activ Spa Tab 5 is a fast-dissolving tablet that ensures water hygiene in a spa (both indoor and out..
5214  Activ Spa Tab 10 1 kg
Activ Spa Tab 10 is a fast-dissolving tablet that ensures water hygiene in a spa (both indoor and ou..
5215 Activ Spa Tab 1
Activ Spa Tab 1 tablets ensures effective disinfection of bath water in smaller spa baths with 100-2..
5218 Cream Cleanser
Porcelain, Glass, Ceramic and Acrylic Here is the cleaning cream that gently and efficiently cleans..
5219 Magic Shield
Invisible protection of porcelain, ceramics, glass and acrylic Magic Shield is an invisible, non-st..
5220 LongTab 20, 1 kg
LongTab slow chlorine tablets are used to maintain an appropriate level of chlorine in large outdoor..
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